Alpaca Ensemble & Eirik Hegdal

The Alpaca Ensemble derives from the piano trio Alpaca Trio, a versatile chamber group frequently collaborating with other musicians, artists and composers, often premiering commissioned pieces.

Composer Eirik Hegdal and the Alpacas have collaborated on four pieces prior to this recording: “Skråpanel” (2006), “Tapet!Tapet!” (2007) and “Elevator” (2010), all of which are available on CD, and “Mekatonia”, a spectacular theatrical performance with Cirka Teater, premiered at Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 2012.
«Moving Slow» is a celebration of the collaboration through more than a decade. This album is a combination of new and old Alpaca music, arranged for this particular rendering of Alpaca Ensemble.  Available as CD, LP, download and streaming services from February 11. 2014. Enjoy!