Hammond Dialogues

The triple release “Hammond Dialogues” by Daniel Formo consists of three records exploring the Hammond organ in different unconventional settings.
It is now available for download as mp3 and hi-res flac at our shop, and also available as limited edition triple-CD for order by email.

Some reviews:
Bergens Tidende“This is electroacoustic contemporary improvisation rich in ideas”;
Svenska Dagbladet“in the dynamic duo (…) they make the sounds both sparkle and shine mightily”
allaboutjazz.com“The quartet becomes (…) a free improvised unit of the best kind, formulating captivating, rich language and almost telepathic interplay”
bitaites.org“Hammond B3 is a greater benefit to mankind than were penicillin, air conditioning and microwave. Daniel confirms this with absolute distinction”