Hegge – promo download

Hegge – promo downloadHegge is Bjørn Marius Hegges jazz quintet playing music strongly influenced by the 60s jazz era in the USA. The compositions invites the musicians to a playground, where they are allowed to contribute with their own personal playing style and musical qualities, thus making the music very playful and personal. Promo download […]

Eirik Hegdal – Musical Balloon (promo download)

Eirik Hegdal – Musical Balloon (promo download)All music by Eirik Hegdal Eivind Lønning: Trumpet & Piccolo Trumpet Eirik Hegdal: C Melody Saxophone, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet Nils-Olav Johansen: Guitar, Banjo & Vocal Mattias Ståhl: Vibraphone Ole Morten Vågan: Double Bass Jon Fält: Drums & Percussion Recorded live at Vossa Jazz by Tor Breivik, March 24th […]

Oscar Grönberg trio – Walking in Triangles (promo download)

Oscar Grönberg trio – Walking in Triangles (promo download)Oscar Grönberg Trio – Walking in triangles Oscar Grönberg – Piano Tor Haugerud – Drums Eirik Hegdal – Clarinet Oscar Grönberg trio´s debut record consists of eight tunes by the Trondheim based Swedish pianist. Grönbergs compositons are inpsired by Duke Ellington, Thelonoius Monk and Jimmy Giuffre, and […]

Grønn og Gul promo download

Grønn og Gul promo downloaden en en plays the free music with references to the ’60s free jazz, as well as to the contemporary music. With en en en it is the free tone, the simple sound and the surprisingly turn of events that characterize the music. Names like Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman and Jimmy […]