Alpaca Ensemble & Eirik Hegdal with Thea Ellingsen Grant – The Sky Opens Twice

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Thea Ellingsen Grant (vocals), Sigrid Elisabeth Stang (violin/bass violin), Eirik Hegdal (saxophones/clarinet/backing tracks), Else Bø (piano/glockenspiel/toypiano), Marianne Baudouin Lie (cello)

Composition and backingtracks: Eirik Hegdal
(Except: «Timechild» by Eirik Hegdal and Thea Ellingsen Grant, «Garden of Threads» by Sigrid Elisabeth Stang, Marianne Baudouin Lie and Else Bø, and «Stars are Moved in Lines» by Thea Ellingsen Grant.)
Text: Thea Ellingsen Grant
Released by: Particular Recordings Collective
Recorded in Øra Studio 9-13th of november 2020 by Jo Ranheim and Kyrre Laastad Mixed and produced by Kyrre Laastad og Eirik Hegdal
Master: Karl Klaseie
Artwork and photos: Juliane Schütz

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A heavenly record projects marks the 20-year collaboration between the contemporary classical trio Alpaca Ensemble and jazz saxophonist and composer Eirik Hegdal. «The Sky Opens Twice» is a pop, experimental, contemporary.. Ah forget it. Just listen! And heads up (and ears tuned in) for singer and lyricist Thea Ellingsen Grant!
Eirik Hegdal and Alpaca Ensemble have several collaborative projects behind them, including “Tapet Tapet!” which got several top score reviews, and «Mekatonia» from 2012 (record from 2017) – a most impressive co-production with Cirka Teater during the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival.
“The Sky Open Twice” is the ensemble’s eleventh album and is a commissioned work by Eirik Hegdal. Hegdal invited the young and creative vocalist Thea Ellingsen Grant to the project. (Among other things known from the band JUNO.) Grant has written colourful and vivid lyrics to the music.
The album is a playful creation of pre-produced pop-beats / backing tracks, free improvisation, contemporary music and jazz.

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