Trondheim Voices & Eirik Hegdal – The Sound of Contemporary Living

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Trondheim Voices:
Sissel Vera Pettersen (artistic director), Kari Eskild Havenstrøm, Anita Kaasbøll, Siri Gjære, Heidi Skjerve and Mia Marlen Berg.

Compositions and lyrics by Eirik Hegdal
Improvisations by Trondheim Voices
Backing tracks, drum machines and synthesisers by Eirik Hegdal

Recorded by Jo Ranheim in Øra Studio
Mixed by Kyrre Laastad and Eirik Hegdal
Mastered by Karl Klaseie
Produced by Eirik Hegdal
Co-producer: Sissel Vera Pettersen
Cover design by Juliane Schütz
Cover photo by Ivar Mykland
Trondheim Voices is a department of Mid-Norway Centre of jazz (MNJ), and is supported by Arts Council Norway, Trondheim Municipality and Trøndelag County.

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What is the sound of modern life?
This is the starting point for Trondheim Voices & Eirik Hegdal’s album “The Sound of Contemporary Living”.
The album opens with the question “Do you feel energized about life?” (To the sound of thinking and cracking brain and computer sounds) which refers to the frequent surveys we are exposed to in our everyday lives. (“We need your feedback …”) Immediately afterwards, the door opens to a discotek and we are drawn in by suggestive drum machines and to playful lyrics about what has happened to the depths of our lives. “What happened to depth?” In our introverted and iPad-flat existence, someone has created (and sells) a compression tool that turns your challenging and anxious 3D world into a neat and simple
2D. In the next track, we are encouraged to “Get yourselves exposed with Face Magazine”. Why settle for second best?
This album is a journey in a naive and thoughtful everyday theme, wonderfully illuminated and commented on by the virtuoso Trondheim Voices, composed and written by a very inspired Eirik Hegdal. It all ends up in the winning answer to the survey: “Congratulation. You are energized about life. Please proceed. »

Background for “The Sound of Contemporary Living”: 

“The Sound of Contemporary Living” was to become a concert performance through an artistic collaboration between Trondheim Voices and Jo Strømgren Kompani, with compositions by Eirik Hegdal. Due to a pandemic, the project was first postponed, and when it was finally to be launched again, it was again strained by a strike that hit cultural life hard.

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